9 Reasons to attend the HackElect

1. Hack the Code

You’ve been thinking about writing a unique code for years? But, you didn’t have the time, resources or the right people around you to start writing? Here is your chance to hack the code and bring your novel product to life. You can apply as an individual or as a team!

2. Get a Job

For the ones who will prove themselves best there are chances for a job.

3. Improve your Collaboration Skills

Nowadays, being an employee who can effectively work in a team, is much appreciated. Grab a chance and improve your soft skills with open communication, seeking consensus regarding goals and methods, recognizing others’ achievements, active listening, and don’t forget to maintain a sense of humour and fun whenever possible.

4. Master Time Management Skills

You will have 28 hours to produce the product with just enough features to satisfy early costumers, and provide feedback for future development. It will be a core artefact in an iterative process of idea prototyping. Carefully allocate the workload, brainstorm, pick technology & tools…but no worries, we are sure you will master your time by the end of HackElect!

5. Push Yourself

Getting out of your comfort zone, being under the time pressure, sleeping less than usual – take it as a chance to improve, grow and get better.

6. Connect with other Passionate People

HackElect will be the perfect place to meet other talented and passionate people who like the same kinds of projects as much as you do. It is all about expanding your knowledge, absorbing all the information you can get and of course, make friends on the way.

7. Win Money

Prize money that we offer 5.000 € for the winner’s team, 3.000 € for the runner up team and 2.000 € for the third place.

….no additional words needed for the last two reasons….

8. Wear Pajamas ( or not 🙂 ) all Weekend

9. Free Food, Coffee and lots of Fun

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