Hackathon Trends 2017

Hackathons are quickly becoming the number one way for tech companies to keep up with the changing environments of the industries. It encourages participants to look for original ideas, create a new culture and achieve solutions which can be applied in the long run. To find out more about the hackathon we are hosting and some iteresting information, just keep on reading.

Hackathons have grown in popularity in the past years. Looking at the statistics from hackathons hosted in the year 2016, the increase in interest and the benefits of the events are clearly visible. The total number organised was more than 3400. Both the public and internal hackathons were attended by everyone from professional, students, independent developers to entrepreneurs.

Hackathon.com and BeMyApp released a pretty cool Infographic regarding the Hackathon Figures in 2016 and you can see it here.

As regards to the year 2017, we will be seeing an increase in the number of hackathons held by numerous corporations. Most of them use this opportunity to further their abilities of forming and developing new ideas. With all the positive effects, such events will be practiced more each year. Experts have predicted that, compared to previous years, we can expect:

  • boost in internal innovations activities;
  • increase in start-ups created from the ideas generated;
  • shift in the direction towards AI&VR.

Filip Remškar CEO at Smart Com explains:

»We have decided to organize HackElect in order to spark innovation and cooperation between power utility companies, businesses, and professional public. With the mission of utilizing modern technologies and applying them to the segment we wish to optimize their performance on every step of their value chain.”

Smart Com in collaboration with EIMV will be hosting a hackathon, HackElect, on the 7th and 8th of October, with the objective to encourage creation of new ideas as solutions to a set of problems, and development of new products. Details you should know about HackElect:

  • 2 day event;
  • Teams of 3-6 participants;
  • Monetary rewards for the first 3 teams + job opportunities, and
  • 5 different challenges to choose from

The event will be packed with challenges, hard work, and creative thinking. Applications are not only limited to hacksperts, as long as you are interested in the electro energetic field, you are welcome to apply.