Why to join HackElect

Come and collaborate with fellow participants on exciting challenges on the first international hackathon in Slovenia, HackElect, related to Smart Grids and data methods for power engineering.

We invite you to check and read the interview with CEO of Smart Com, Filip Remškar and CEO of Electro Institute Milan Vidmar what do they have to say about the organization of HackElect and why you should join and participate.

Filip Remškar
Director of Smart Com:

How did the idea of organizing a hackathon start?

There is vast potential of applicability for modern technology on power utility segment. With our endeep domain knowledge and history of innovations we wanted to support and empower the region’s potential to innovate through HackElect event. As modern technologies bring significant opportunities for power engineering economy and consequently for the users and the whole world we decided to collaborate with Electro Institute Milan Vidmar (who is a leading Slovenian engineering and scientific electro-energetic research organization) in order to bring domain knowledge to general and interested public. We expect that collaboration with participants will generate solutions related to Smart Grids and data methods for power engineering. Lastly we are proud to state that Smart Com and EIMV are first to open their knowledge base with organization of first regional Hackathon for power utility segment. 

In what aspects does this Hackathon differ from others that have already been done?

Many hackathons in Slovenia were business oriented, so we decided to organize a hackathon that is technically focused, using cutting edge technologies. This event is appealing not only for business ideas creators, but mostly for system engineers, data scientists, developers, UX and UI specialists and innovative people with different knowledge backgrounds.

Why did you decide to partner up with Electro Institute Milan Vidmar?

Having a likeminded partner multiplies number of ideas, knowledge and enables greater prosperity of all involved. Electro Institute Milan Vidmar has vast knowledge and understanding of power utility segment and is complementary to Smart Com expertise of ICT in mentioned segment. With cooperation and joined knowledge we are excellent consultants and mentor for participants. We will support challenges of participants, coach them and help new ideas come to life, as there is no question that cannot be answered with mentioned partners on your side.

What advice would you give to all participants of the event?

Preparation is 80% of success; other 20% is your creativity and craziness. The HackElect is a 48-hour event, which means you have to spend this short time as efficiently as possible. Just ask yourself ˝what can I do in 48 hours? ˝, this represents a powerful drive, so challenge yourself again and again. Don’t forget to enjoy, you are there to have fun, to experiment, meet interesting people, learn something new and build a solution from scratch.

Let the best team win.

What kind of people would you like to invite for the hackathon?

All interested community, including individuals and groups that would like to experiment the utilization of technologies in power engineering ecosystem. We invite all the enthusiasts and those creative thinkers to create new applicable solutions; experience is not required.

Boris Žitnik
Director of Electro Institute Milan Vidmar:

What convinced you to become an organizing partner of HackElect?

There are several aspects to this. Partnership with industry is always beneficial. Moreover, we have seen a large number of hackathons lately in our region, but they were mostly focused on business/commercial themes. We hope to spearhead the trend towards technical hackathon with HackElect.


What advice would you give to all participants?

Come, collaborate with fellow participants on exciting challenges that are today seen in the ICT and smart grid industries. You can make contribution with your new ideas, knowledge of new tools and apply them to solve interesting tasks.


Why did you decide to choose Scalar challenges?

 Some of the challenges are connected with themes that we are investigating at EIMV, that is: lightning localization system SCALAR, smart grids and smart metering and thermal imaging of grid systems. All those challenges have elements that require application of new knowledge, use of recent data analytical methods or high throughput IT architectures with fast access to databases.


What do you expect as the outcome of the HackElect?

I am sure that we will see a number of technically valuable solution proposals. These can be with the cooperation with authors later polished and brought into production environment. We look forward to meet young bright engineers eager to work on interesting problems and hopefully offer some of them positions in EIMV.