An interesting closer of HackElect 2017


First international hackathon related to Smart Grids and data methods for power engineering in Slovenia, made an interesting turn of events this weekend. 50 participants, from countries all around the world made creative solutions to the fifth challenges, where the jury had a really difficult time choosing the best ones.

The winning team, The Chemists, where solving the fifth challenge and used the most ˝state of mind˝ mechanical learning approaches for analysing the signals of the smart claves. The team members were: Martin Breskvar, Matej Petković, Blaž Škrlj and Nika Eržen who won the main prize, 5.000 EUR.

The second award got Team Basic, who chose the fourth challenge, prediction of patterns in IP networks, they also included the information from social media, Twitter, which was pretty interesting.  The team members were Patricija Brečko, Neža Đukić, Anja Hrovatič, Aljaž Blažej, Mark Zeman and Lojze Žust. For their innovative ideas they got the second award, 3.000 EUR.

The third place was for the Commission a hard nut. After detailed verification of all quality relevant indicators, the commission and the organizators decided to award two teams for their effort and each of them got 2.000 EUR. The team Bobki, Žiga Nagelj, Žan Pirc, Koprivnikar Blaž, Tim Feran, and Nik Pirnovar who made the most comprehensive solution for the forth challenge and team The Flintstones, Staš Hvala, Tomaž Perčič, Ožbolt Menegatti, Jure Debeljak and Žiga Putrle, who were the best in picture analysis (challenge number 1).

Congratulation to all the participants of HackElect 2017, you all did an amazing job and really tried hard to make the most out of the hacking weekend. See you next year, at HackElect 2018! 🙂