4. IoT aware intelligent IP network’s behavior prediction

a. Description:

Modern IP networks are already challenged by IoT, which requires high availability, adequate IP SLA parameters (delay, throughput, packet loss, jitter etc.) and extensive IP network scalability / flexibility. SmartNIM (Network Infrastructure Monitoring) is a solution for 24/7 active monitoring of the vital network infrastructure. It consists of active SmartNIM probes and central data acquisition system for reporting visualization and alerting. SmartNIM probes are placed on the vital network endpoints / locations. Existing SmartNIM probes are running on x64 Docker probe, ARM SBC (for example on Raspberry PI v3). For communication between probes and central data acquisition system MQTT protocol is used. Measurement results from probes with probe related data are stored in Elasticsearch. Each SmartNIM document in Elasticsearch consists of: timestamp, geoLocation, testType, testId, probeId and test result values (depending on the testType).

b. Outcomes:

Implementation of the Machine learning principles as a basis for IoT aware intelligent IP network’s behaviour prediction. Network quality parameters should be correlated with public accessible data source (e.g. ARSO, GIS, Scalar etc.). Visualisation should be done through creative graphic tools (for example: bubble chart, radar graph etc.).