2. Lightening Scalar web and mobile application

for lightning strokes backend presentation, design and analytical methods.

a. Description:

Scalar is lightning stroke detection system. Efficient GUI/UX/UI is desired that emphasises ease of use / interaction, dynamic / on-demand zoom into selected areas with highest lightning activity, presentation of real time and historical data sets. Interconnection with open GIS platforms is mandatory. Provide solutions for customization of UX on particular GIS map area (e.g. borders, fonts). App can be payable, on a per hour basis (1-200 h). Desirable features include alarm notification (SMS, tweet, different color UX) is lightning strikes within particular radius of certain static or movable object coordinate (adjustable). Data sets are provided for real time and historical lightning strokes.

You can find more information about System SCALAR at http://www.scalar.si/en/

b. Outcomes:

Mobile (Android, iOS), and/or Web (HTML5) application, sw program.

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